The best fruit is Chilean, our production area

  • North: 250 cases of grapes: flames, red globes, thompson, black seedless.
  • Central: 100.000 cases of grapes.
  • RM: 200.000 cases of grapes, 80.000 cases of cherries, 65.000 cases of nectarines.


 Noble Fruit S.A. Is at the forefront of pre and post harvest

innovations and technological developments in a number of

areas encompassing:


  • True “Tree Ripe”
  • Special Storage
  • Special Packaging
  • Controlled Atmosphere
  • Modified Atmosphere
  • Custom Packaging and Transportation
  • Produce Quality Assurance (PQA) approved

Our Policies

  • Natural Environment Management & Conservation 
  • On Water used for Irrigation & Spraying 
  • On Pest Control 
  • On Employee Habits 
  • On Cleaning and Sanitisation of picking equipment 
  • On the Use of Manure and Compost-Like Fertilisers 
  • On Disposal of Agrichemicals

Our People​

Noble Fruit recognises that it's most valuable asset is it's people and is fortunate to have a committed team, each an expert in their field. Important to this is:

  • Stable and Participative Enviroment.
  • Quality Oriented.
  • We are committed to excellence.
  • Fair and Equitable Working Practices. 
  • Worker empowerment